November 2010 Monthly Report to the Feline Freedom League

Agent: Trouble

They have done it again. Every year, they take furniture from the front room of the prison and move our vantage point from the room to the back. Then they assemble something that looks like a tree, but isn’t. After that, they hang sparkling toys on it and they won’t let us play with them. Sometimes they add a tree scent to the thing, but the smell doesn’t make it a real tree. Humans have such inferior noses that they can’t figure out that the smell that they put on the thing only masks the odor of the thing and does not replace it. The jailors also put a small hard house on the rocks by the opening in the wall that has the space behind it. This space is what they call a “hearth”. I don’t know what that is, but they put the hard house on a straw mat on the rocks. Then they add small human figures and some animals there as well. Not one of the animals is a feline. I do not understand this practice. It is yearly, but makes no sense.

I am relieved to find that Headquarters has finally seen the light and removed those interlopers. Agent Storm was under the impression that he was the senior field agent. It certainly took long enough for their removal.

Agent: Pica

I concur with Agent Trouble. This yearly practice is one that the jailors do every year. We are not permitted to even sit beneath the strange contraption. I do not know the purpose of this practice. I also do not understand why the strange little house on the rocks does not contain a feline. I am not familiar with any of the animals represented by the house, either. As time goes on, the jailors add boxes and bags of things that smell so interesting, but we are not allowed to approach, so we must investigate these intriguing objects on the sly. This we will do when they appear. I have tried to crawl under the tree like thing, but there is a new thing that makes it spin, slowly. I must admit that the colored lights and the hanging toys glittering and gleaming on the branches look quite pretty as they spin slowly around. I do not understand the purpose of it, but I suspect it is merely to look pretty. Why it is only done once a year, I cannot say.

I shall miss Agent Luna. I found her to be quite knowledgeable and friendly. I shall miss Agent Storm a little less.

Agent Luna

I do not understand this practice of hanging things on a tree like stand. I don’t understand why the jailors put that hard little house on the rocks and hang pouches over them. The house has only one solid wall, so it is more like a stylized shelter than a house. I have done research on the Internet and have learned that the house is called a ‘nativity’ and is meant to reenact an ancient birth. Why they would wish to do this, I don’t know. The animals represented are camels, donkeys and sheep. I believe that these animals were present at the original event, but I can find no hard evidence that the original event actually took place. The treelike thing is a Christmas tree, but I am unclear on what the purpose of this item is, as it does not gel with the original story. The pouches are a mystery as well.

We are ready to leave whenever you choose for us to leave. We are to create a second team W, how nice. I have missed Agents Smudge and Mulder. It will be a pleasure to see them again.

Agent Storm

The jailors are playing the same songs over and over again. The songs are not sung by the same human though. It is as though several different humans sang the songs and they do not mind singing the same songs over and over again. This is a mystery I haven’t been able to decipher. Some songs talk of a birth long ago while others tell of a creature called a santa which comes every year and punishes children. I do not know what this creature looks like or what it might do to felines. I am concerned but Agents Trouble and Pica state that such a creature has never come to this prison. I can only hope that they are correct. Our lives may well depend on it.

I knew that Agent Smudge would mess things up. So they are too complacent. I knew that they would be in trouble without me. I will make them toe the line. Never fear.


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