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Scheduling Time for a Large Project

Scheduling time to do a large project is more a case of finding the time to do the smaller pieces that make up the whole. If you are just one person doing the project, it’s easier to schedule the time.

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I use excel to create schedules for my writing project. I don’t schedule things down to the minute. I just schedule things to do each day. I use a schedule for writing this blog. I have a week to write,

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Developing a Writing Project Schedule

For me, writing is a business for the most part. You have to have a schedule to keep yourself on track. that said, you should keep that schedule flexible. Don’t lock yourself into any particular piece at any particular time.

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I don’t multitask well. I don’t think anyone really does it well or even at all. Multitasking means doing several tasks at once. This is often impossible. Some things are easy to multitask like doing laundry while writing or even

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