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Your Character’s Financial Health

In our discussion of character development, I talked about our characters’  fitness and health. you also have to consider that. Are your characters good with their money? Are they wealthy or do they live paycheck to paycheck? are they homeless,

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Budgeting is an important skill. It doesn’t just refer to money. You can budget time, food or anything you have in short supply. Weight Watchers says their program is a lifestyle change and it is, but I always think of

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Managing Multiple Projects

Project management can be hard. I have a database of projects that I am trying to maintain. I have several novels in the revision stage and recently found two more manuscripts that I wrote years ago that I think I

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Writing Retreat

I recently went on a writing retreat. I didn’t have the money to go anywhere so I just planned to stay home and write, revise really. My process is to write without revising to get the rough draft, and then

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Life Changes, Pt. 1: Deciding on Change

Sometimes it is a good idea to sit down and decide what you want to change about your life. We all have something that we want to change. We just need to identify the things that we can change and

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Time is a human thing. We humans are obsessed with it. We are ruled by it, at least here in the United States, we are. It’s Big Business that does it. In our quest to make a living, we have

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The American Dream of Home Ownership

The American dream of home ownership comes with a hidden price. I’m not talking about the mortgage or the utility bills. I’m talking about the myriad repairs you need to do to fix up your house. Anyone who owns a

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