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More Brainstorming

For my brainstorming session, I can do an Internet search for writing prompts or I can use one of my pocket muse books or the cat naps book that I got for Christmas. I can choose a number and make

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Blogs take many forms from the text only, such as mine to the totally video. Yes, I think of YouTube as a kind of video blog site. I know that it isn’t strictly blogging, but it helps to show what

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Writing Methods–What Works For Me

I put the bare bones of my characters in the Mini-bio and expand them in my notes and in the charts. It gives me a very advanced and well developed – I hope – character. It’s what works for me,

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The Importance of Communication

Why is communication important? Because without it, we can’t do business. There would be more squabbling over resources and there would be no modern civilization. Or would there be? Squabbling implies communication. If there was no communication of any kind,

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Communication is vital to humankind. Without it, we can’t have cooperation. Without cooperation, we would fail as a species. From the development of language before we started recording history, impossible without communication, we humans have worked together towards a common

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