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A Dog’s Christmas

The alley looked safe enough. Barks couldn’t smell Ruff, the leader of the local pack. He wasn’t a member and it didn’t seem as though he would be a member any time soon. He’d tried to be submissive, but that

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A Word About Genre

Genre is a category of artistic composition. The word applies to literature and music. It means works similar in form, style, or subject matter. I’ll be talking about the literary genres. Some people say there are four main ones, drama,

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Beyond The Rocks pt. 3

A frown settled over his features as he turned to survey my hut. “This is unacceptable,” he told me with a haughty demeanor. “A mile up the beach, turn inland. My home is there, which is where you will tend

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Beyond The Rocks Part 2

The tide moved out, leaving the cave floor soaked, but navigable. The receding water, was my signal to slip off my rock shelf, I made my way to the ground. The jagged stones jutting out into the sea were clear

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Beyond The Rocks Pt 1

A wave thundered over the rocks to my left. Water swirled around my feet. The tide was coming in. So, I moved a bit farther up the beach, leaving the water behind. Now sand stuck to my feet as I

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The Centenary Book part 3

No one was around as we slipped out the back door. I motioned Thomas and Great Grandmother to go hide in his car. I’d walked over to the library from my apartment. I locked the door and headed towards the

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The Centenary Book part 2

“A hundred years,” she said, ignoring Thomas’ question. “they are all dead.” “Who are all dead?” Thomas asked. “Janet Louise Anthony,” I said. The woman looked at me. “Yes?” She said. “Your husband John died in the 1930s,” I said.

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The Centenary Book part 1

The library was quiet. I know what you’re thinking, libraries usually are quiet, but this was nearly midnight and I wasn’t supposed to be there. The bang I heard sounded very loud even though it probably wasn’t as loud as

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Seven Stages of Writing

The seven stages of writing are generating an idea, world building, character development, plotting, writing, revising, and publishing. That assumes that you plan to publish of course. These stages are actually processes. Before you can write anything, you have to

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Surprise! A Short Story

“Is a train considered ground transport?” The voice on the phone asked. I considered answering with “Well, if it flew, it’d be an airplane and if it floated, it’d be a boat,” but then I thought about my bread and

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