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Positive Thinking

I ask the same question every day. Will today be a good one? Sometimes the answers are ambiguous.That’s OK, because the answer really isn’t important. What is important is the frame of mind with which you face the day. If

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Common Sense

They say common sense isn’t so common. I don’t know about that. I think common sense is more common than people realize. It’s just that we only hear about those who don’t have it. The vast majority of people just

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The Past, The Present and The Future

I forgot my vitamins yesterday. I’ll live; it’s just that I failed to plan for that. It’s not even bad news, just more of an ‘oops’ kind of news. Oh well, yesterday is finished and there is little I can

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Housebreaking and Dogs

From: Agent Mulder To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ Date: 5 August 2012 Subject: The Younger Canine The older humans are discussing things loudly again. the younger female just stays out of things. They are annoyed with the younger canine and

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