Data Backups

Backing data up online is a good idea. I have a network storage drive that I use to hold my documents. It keeps the hard drive of my computer free for processing. The problem with that method is that the network storage drive isn’t backed up with the computer. I have to do it manually. So I use GoogleDrive to do that. It’s a backup in the cloud and that’s a good thing, really. My method is simple. I copied all the files from the network drive to GoogleDrive and put it in a folder that I created there to hold the backup. I did that last January. It took a while, as there was a lot of stuff to move. At the beginning of last month, I looked at the network drive and ordered it by date modified and looked at what had been modified since the last time I uploaded files and moved those files to the backup. It’s a bit cumbersome, but it works.

Backing up your data is important. You never know when something will happen and you don’t want to lose your data. My back up plan with using GoogleDrive to hold the data has the added benefit of the fact that GoogleDrive itself is backed up periodically. That’s a double back up and means that my data is doubly protected against loss. I may never need to copy the data back from GoogleDrive, but it is good to have it there, ready to use.

Backing up your data to the cloud or even a dedicated backup site like Carbonite, or Mozy. My method is cumbersome, but my data space on Google is free. For me, that’s the selling point. if you need to make it more automatic than you will have to pay, but however you choose to backup your data, you should do it soon. You never know when you may need it. it only takes a few minutes if you plan it right. The initial backup will always take the longest, but after that, it depends on how much data you change. A lot of my data is kept on Microsoft’s OneDrive. It’s backed up too. It is accessible to my desktop computer, my net book computer, and my tablet. It’s safe there and I can access it. The other stuff is safely backed up on my GoogleDrive space. Review your needs, then choose the best backup plan for you. set it up and keep it up. that’s all you have to do. the peace of mind is worth it. Backups are important and sometimes you need to restore your computer. If you haven’t backed up your files and data, you will be out of luck.


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