Feline Freedom League May Report – Trouble and Pica

From: Agent Trouble

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 6 May 2012

Subject: Smells from Outsid3

They’ve started opening the access holes. We still cannot get out, but the smells of the outdoors can come in more often than the cold time. I must admit that the damp earth smells so good. There was whiteness this morning, before the female human opened the port and let the smells in. She went out in it. She didn’t take the roaring box, but walked into the whiteness. I couldn’t see where she went; she was soon lost to my sight. She wasn’t gone long and when she came back, she added water to the drinking fountain and sat down at the information box. She complained that her hips hurt.

The whiteness went away after a time and I could see the world again. The human female called the whiteness fog. I’m not sure what that means. I’m certain that humans do not like the whiteness. I would like it better if I could smell the air it covers. I think it is merely water in the air, but I can’t be sure.

I take this to mean that humans have aches and pains just as felines do. I do not know how we can use this to our advantage, but I will keep trying to think of a way to capitalize on that information.

I have fleas. I’ve been itching a lot lately. The female human put some stuff on me and that helped. Agent Pica looks as though she has the Mange. I try to avoid her whenever I can.

From: Agent Pica

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 6 May 2012

Subject: Mange and other issues

I do not have the Mange. I have fleas. They itch and I am truly uncomfortable. Agent Trouble was not singled out for any special attention, as I was when I first tore out my hair trying to stop the itching. The female human would grab me and shove a pill down my throat a couple of times a day. I managed to fool her a few times and spit the pill out when she was not looking. I am certain the pill was a new interrogation technique, although no questions were put to me. A side effect of the pills was that the flea bites didn’t itch as much as they did, but I still will not allow myself to be interrogated through chemical means. The female has given up but I am still wary.

I looked up fog on the smaller information box and it told me that it was water vapor suspended in the air. I am certain that humans have discovered a way to suspend water in the air, although I have no idea how they do it. It masks their activities rather well, which is its purpose after all. I believe that we need to get some of our scientists investigating how to get the water back out of the air so that we can see what the humans are doing. I do not believe that this bodes well for feline-kind.

I would also appreciate some constructive help in removing these fleas from my person. I dislike them and they make me itch.

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The Animal Rescue Site

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