Internet Security Tips

Internet security is a serious issue. People often don’t realize just how much personal information they have put on the web for anyone to access. I pay my bills online so certain websites have a lot of sensitive information. They are responsible for keeping it safe. I’m also responsible for doing so. The best way to keep your information safe is to visit the websites where your sensitive information is stored regularly and change the password every so often. I do not do that either as that would be a pain. However, I, and others like me, are leaving ourselves open to trouble. Right now, I have a problem with my ISP account. I can’t seem to access it so I have sent them a request to reset my password, which is going to affect one of my email accounts.

The trick here is to note down your passwords and the date that you have changed them. You change the password on a semi-regular basis and keep a record of what it is now. You probably don’t need to note what it was, just the password itself and when it was last changed. I have decided to do that, even though this particular password is going to be a pain in the tail feathers, but I need to do it. Use a strong password. I usually use a combination of numbers, letter and symbols. All you have to do is make sure that you can remember them in the correct sequence.

Another method of staying safe on the internet is not to give website too much information. I am on Facebook, but I haven’t given up much personal information on myself. People can still figure out the general area where I live, but they can’t really access much information on me from what I have provided. It’s the same for my Windows Live and LinkedIn profiles. The key is to keep private information private; or as private as possible.

Although identity theft can and often does occur off the internet, there is still a chance that it can happen online. The best way to protect yourself from identity theft is protect your personal data. Take the time to learn who and what you are dealing with online. The internet has shrunk the world, but it has also provided a great method for dishonest people to hide behind a virtual mask and bilk other people out of their money. if you aren’t sure, don’t share your personal information, ask for phone number or better yet, a physical address that you can visit. Ask your friends if they have heard of this place, check out the better business bureau online at the Welcome to BBBOnline website. You can also research any company by using any of the search engines, like Google or Bing.

You don’t have to stay off the internet, just use common sense while you are there and keep your antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware software up to date and you will be fine. Stay safe; keep your eyes and ears open.


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