Feline Freedom League Monthly Report for August 2010

Report Date 2 August 2010    

Agent: Trouble

The jailors forced me into the front of the prison again yesterday. As usual, I feigned sleep. I must admit that the temperature is cooler there. The jailors seem to want me in the cooler air and it is pleasant, even if I do feel as though I am encroaching on another’s watch station. it has been so hot lately that I found it hard to summon the energy to keep clean. I think that worries the jailors, perhaps I can use this somehow.

Special Agent Princess continues to make a pest of himself, even though I have told him repeatedly that I don’t have any further information on Agents Luna and Storm. Their disagreement is entirely between them.

Report Date 2 August 2010    

Agent: Pica

The back of the prison remains warm even though the jailors are using the machine in the front. The front is cool. I often go in there just to see what is going on. Agents Storm and Luna are often sleeping. I don’t think Special Agent Princess was necessary. I don’t believe that Agent Luna is a collaborator, nor is Agent Storm any more of a coward than anyone else is. Agent Princess only brings discord and that is not good.

I think the jailors are planning something. After we submitted our reports last month, the male spent a great deal of time around the prison. He usually leaves, and the female remains. She continues to look in the computer for something called a job. I have asked Agent Luna to try to stay awake long enough to learn what the female does when looking for this job thing. She was not receptive.

Report Date 2 August 2010    

Agent: Luna

I do not sleep on the job. Like Agent Trouble I often feign sleep to gather information. If on occasion I actually do fall asleep, and those occasions are few, that’s only because of the boredom. The male jailor has one of these jobs, which requires him to leave on a daily basis. He always returns though. The female had one, but apparently she was careless and lost it. I think she may be searching for it. I have tried to access her information, but she keeps it secure.

Agent Princess continues to be a thorn in my side, but he has backed off a bit. I don’t believe that he believes me to be a collaborator, which, of course, I am not. How anyone can believe that of me, I cannot understand. I’m simply a friendly cat.

Report Date 2 August 2010    

Agent: Storm

I keep telling everyone that I am not a coward. I simply believe that discretion is the better part of valor. As the largest, most muscular agent here, I believe that I should hold myself ready for battle when I know what I am fighting and why I am fighting it. There is nothing cowardly about that.

Report Date 2 August 2010    

Agent: Princess, FCIS

My presence here is still controversial to my fellow inmates. They know who I am and I don’t believe that I can learn anything more from them. Agent Trouble still insists that she knows nothing. Agent Pica avoids me whenever she can. Agent Storm ignores me. Agent Luna watches me, but says little. I believe all the charges levied here are groundless, but the team is not cohesive and that could be a problem down the road. That is not up to me, I know, but I feel that HQ should be aware that the problem exists. I will remain here until my next assignment, per my orders. I can only hope that I will be reposted soon.




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