Feline Freedom League: Noises

Report Date: 5 July 2010                    Agent: Trouble

It’s that time again. Periodically, there are strange loud noises from around the prison. I’m not sure what they are, nor can I figure out the reason for them. They seem to emanate from somewhere near this prison, but not from the prison itself. A strong, sharp, unpleasant odor usually accompanies the noises. It is not skunk, we’ve had those nosing around, and so I know what that smells like. Skunk odor is unpleasant, but this is more like the smell associated with fire, but is not quite the same. The jailors don’t seem particularly concerned, so I do not know what to make of this.

I also do not know what to make of the timing. It always seems to occur during the warm time. This is the time when the prison windows are open. We cannot escape. There is some kind of material that covers the window opening, allowing scent and sound to enter while preventing our escape. This warm time the sounds are muted because the jailors have obtained a machine that makes a noise of its own. However, I believe the purpose of the machine is to cool the air. While it is still warm in the area around my station, the heat from outside the prison is oppressive whenever the jailors come in or out the outer doors.

The noises occur at all times, but seem louder at night. Sometimes I glimpse colored lights in the sky, but I cannot tell if the lights are truly associated with the noises and the smells. I can only surmise that they do. Agent Storm seems afraid of the sounds, but so does Agent Pica, but then, neither of them likes thunder when it rains hard. I must admit that there are times when I do not like the thunder either, but I am more startled than frightened. Agent Luna continues her suspicious activity with the jailor.

The new recruit, Agent Princess, seems to be doing well. He will not explain his name. He simply refuses to speak of it.
He tells of his hunting prowess, but of course, I have no proof that his exploits are as he states. I believe that he is here to investigate the charges of cowardice and collusion levied against certain members of this team, if we may call it that. I will admit that we do not much act like a team, but team we are and likely to remain so, regardless of Agent Princess’ report, if he is, in fact, here to investigate us. He does seem to be nosy.

Report Date: 5 July 2010                    Agent: Pica

I am not a coward. I just do not like loud noises. They hurt my ears and I feel that they are a torture technique that the jailors use to cause us intense distress. I have never noticed any colored lights in association with the noise. I welcome the new machine.

I do have a few thoughts about the upstart investigator foisted on us because of Agent Luna’s complaints. He is brash, but should settle down with time. I understand that his tenure with us will be temporary. I do not believe that. Agents Luna and Storm were supposed to be reassigned last winter and they are still here this summer. For the most part I thought I got on well with both of them, but have learned that Agent Luna, at least, is a no good collaborator. I expect nothing else from this new recruit. I hope that his time with us will be short.

Report Date: 5 July 2010                    Agent: Luna

I don’t mind the noises. Loud noises don’t usually disturb me, except when they are caused by a monster and are right outside the window. The noises we heard over the last few weeks are nothing to get disturbed about. The new recruit seems nice, although he was hostile to Agent Storm. He’s not as big as Agent Storm, and that coward backed down as soon as Agent Princess hissed at him. I will state the Agent Storm hissed back, but he was fleeing at the same time. I stand by my accusation of cowardice; his behavior in the face of Agent Princess bears that out.

I must admit that Agent Princess has a strangely female name and was wearing some sort of sparkling stuff on his hind claws. I do not know what that means. Agent Trouble laughed when she saw that.

Report Date: 5 July 2010                    Agent: Storm

I am most emphatically not a coward. I was late making my round, that’s all. It had absolutely nothing to do with the noise of that monster. I really don’t have a problem with noises. Agent Luna is making too much of the time the monster came. This whole situation has gotten completely out of control and I, for one, resent the whole thing. Agent Luna is just trying to curry favor with anyone she can and she doesn’t care who she ruins in the process.

As for Agent Princess, he is always poking his nose into things that don’t concern him. I do not understand why he was sent here. We have more than enough agents in this prison and it is too small to hold all of us. Agent Trouble screams at me every time she sees me and is now doing the same to Agent Princess. It irritates the male Jailor and I fear that he will remove some of us to, shall we say, less comfortable digs. I feel we should have been consulted before any new agents were posted here.

Agent Princess has also been misbehaving in that he gets up on the Forbidden Ledges, the places the male jailor calls "tables" and "counters". I fear for his safety. The male jailor is not one to cross and Agent Princess may find himself in serious trouble if he won’t obey the rules. We have ledges that we are allowed to use and there aren’t many of them.

In my opinion, the noises we heard last night were not anything to be alarmed about. I can’t say that I have ever seen Agent Trouble’s colored lights in the sky when the noises boom out, but then I don’t spend all my time looking outside. We can’t get there, so it is pointless to spend so much time doing so when there are better ways to spend our time. We should be looking into ways to escape or to kill our jailors. I am happy to report that I nearly tripped the female jailor up yesterday.

Report Date: 5 July 2010                    Special Agent: Princess

I think Agent Trouble is on to me. She is the most hostile of the four inmates in this prison. She seems to watch me all the time. I had much freedom in my last assignment, that, sadly, I don’t enjoy here. To the good, I do not have to contend with the smaller jailors, as I did there, but I am adjusting to the situation here. Agent Trouble is all business, scanning the outside for possible escape routes. The best ways out of this place are the doors and she has a prime position at the door the jailors use a lot. I did make a brief attempt at a sortie outside through the door they don’t use as often, but they thwarted me. I did manage to leave the prison, but was captured almost immediately so I was unable to meet my contact. I am forced to use this means of communication as I believe the jailors are determined to keep me inside.

I, too, saw colored lights in the sky after a couple of the loud noises last night. I don’t know what to make of them. The jailors don’t act as though there is anything to be concerned about, any more than they do when the sky pours water with flashing lights and booming sounds. If anything the booming sounds with pouring water are louder and you can feel them, these booms are far away, I think. It may be something the Bureau should look into.

Agent Luna does seem to enjoy cuddling up to the female jailor, but so does Agent Pica. Sometimes, they actually irritate the female jailor, which I believe is their intent. I do not think Agent Luna is a collaborator; however, my investigation is not yet complete. Agent Storm is not cooperating in the investigation into the charge against him, of cowardice. I may have to disclose myself to them all in order to proceed with this investigation. I will, no doubt have more in my next report.



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