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Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are short topics intended to spur you to write. That’s their function. They could be something like this one from Toasted Cheese from March the first, Use the phrase “Like a lion”. This is a prompt that leaves

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A Word About Pacing

Have you ever read a story and thought the characters should just get on with it? That’s an indication that the author missed the pace of the story. Pacing is the speed at which a story moves along. It can

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Choosing Your Words

Words are powerful. They can make or break a piece of writing. The right words can shape your text into something powerful or reduce it to cosmic failure. Word choice involves repetition and complexity of meaning that can either enhance

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Put Your Writing on a Diet

Writing a piece is the first step where you take an idea and expand it into a story. Once you finish the story, you are only half done. You still have to look at the piece and revise it. You

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Repetition In Writing

A small amount of repetition can help emphasize points and complement your righting but too much is boring. If you are like me, you likely over used a word or two in your writing. Most word processing software include mechanisms

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Writer’s Block

Writers block is the bane of all writers. You sit there, staring at a blank word processor, its cursor blinks evilly at you. Or maybe it is accusing you of being stupid. Rest assured, that blinking cursor is not evil.

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Rambling in a Journal

A good writing exercise is to just sit down and write. The technical term for it is free writing. I call it rambling in my journal. A lot of my blogs start out as rambles in my journal. I often

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