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If I were stranded…

There is an old writing prompt that goes if you were stranded on a deserted island, what five things would you want to have with you? I updated that a little when it came up recently as a Word Press

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My Happy Place

A few weeks ago WordPress Posted a writing prompt about happy places. The prompt asked where it was and how and when I go there. That was a good prompt because it made me think. That is, when I realized

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Freeing Your Thoughts

If you have a problem to think through, you should spend some time gathering your thoughts. It can be beneficial. Usually, I need someplace quiet, although sometimes it helps if I have music or something. There is no right place

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Take a Mental Vacation

Taking a mental vacation can make you much more creative and productive. It can also benefit your problem solving ability. It’s not that easy to do, especially for people who find it hard to take a real vacation. I’m talking

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