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Starting with a Character

OK, a character has popped into  your head and you’ve fleshed her out into a full character sketch. Now what? Write a story around the character. How to do that? Well, ask your character. Ask the character about his ambitions.

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Writing a Synopsis

One of the things you will need to do with your novel is generate a synopsis of it. A synopsis is a short summary of the plot of a work of fiction. You use a synopsis to tell someone what

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Positive Thinking

I ask the same question every day. Will today be a good one? Sometimes the answers are ambiguous.That’s OK, because the answer really isn’t important. What is important is the frame of mind with which you face the day. If

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Get the Words Down

Your first draft of anything is going to be garbage. Accept it and go on. Write the story or whatever you are writing. You can always fix it later. Don’t worry about getting the exact right word on the first

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