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Meditation and Creativity

Meditation is a tool you can use to unlock your creativity. Meditation is a method of searching internally for whatever you are looking for — a pathway to your inner self. That’s key to remember. Some people believe that meditation

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People meditate for many reasons. Some people view it as a religious act. Others use it to solve complex problems, or to start or end their day. I use it to calm my mind in the evenings so that I

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Yoga is about flexibility – not just in body, but in mind as well. By taking my first ever yoga class, I have taken the first step towards personal growth. I always knew that yoga incorporated more than just the

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Five Minutes

What can you do with five minutes of free time? You can write a little bit. Do some editing. Do a bit of exercising. Think of ideas for parties, stories, or whatever. You can brush your teeth, or hair. You

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Take a Mental Vacation

Taking a mental vacation can make you much more creative and productive. It can also benefit your problem solving ability. It’s not that easy to do, especially for people who find it hard to take a real vacation. I’m talking

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