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Creativity defines creativity as the “state or quality of being creative.” It goes on to say it is the ability to rise above traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships. To create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations. That creativity is originality,

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Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Writers are always asked where their ideas come from. I’ve never been sure how to answer that. I suppose the most truthful answer is, “I have no idea.” I truly don’t. Some days I wake up with an idea in

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Meditation As A Brainstorming Tool

Writers do a lot of brainstorming. There are many methods out there — probably as many methods as there are writers. Here’s one I’ve been experimenting with — meditation. I know I talked about this a few weeks back as

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Idea Generation

Sometimes ideas pop in from nowhere. Other times you have to go hunting for them. The ones that pop in from nowhere are easy to find. The ones you have to hunt for are another story. There are ways to

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Sometimes ideas come easily with no effort. Most times, they don’t. That’s when you have to sit down and brainstorm ideas. The internet has a lot of information on brainstorming. There are a number of techniques out there. One of

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Finding Inspiration and letting the words flow

Inspiration often comes in the form of ideas or words for me. When I want to write something the word just flow out of me onto the computer screen. If the words don’t flow, I know that I am not

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Rambling in a Journal

A good writing exercise is to just sit down and write. The technical term for it is free writing. I call it rambling in my journal. A lot of my blogs start out as rambles in my journal. I often

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Five Minutes

What can you do with five minutes of free time? You can write a little bit. Do some editing. Do a bit of exercising. Think of ideas for parties, stories, or whatever. You can brush your teeth, or hair. You

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Seven Stages of Writing

The seven stages of writing are generating an idea, world building, character development, plotting, writing, revising, and publishing. That assumes that you plan to publish of course. These stages are actually processes. Before you can write anything, you have to

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I don’t remember my dreams as a rule. I keep my tablet handy in case I do wake up and remember a dream. It’s good to write them down as sometimes they can lead somewhere in fictions. Dreams are process

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