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The Writer’s Toolkit

Every writer has a toolkit, or toolbox, they use to create their work. It is unique to the writer. They create this tool kit from several parts, their vocabulary, their style and voice. They should also include their grasp on

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The First Draft

The first draft is one of the most important tools in a writer’s toolbox. It’s where we note down our stories. It’s the first time we  hang words together and it may not be good. In fact, it won’t be

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Tools Writers Use

Writers have tools they use when they are writing. I’m not talking about pens, pencils, paper or word processors. There are other tools we use when we write. Even fiction writers need certain tools. I’m talking about such as a

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Today, I am going to talk about revising our work. Ernest Hemingway said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” He was right. While writing a first draft, the only goal is to get the story out and written down

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The Final Stage of Writing

The last stage of writing is only the last stage if you plan to publish your work. Of course, I’m talking about publishing. Once you have the work polished to your satisfaction, you will have to try selling it. If

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Writing is like anything else that you do. If you want to do it well, you have to practice. Some people write stories to practice their craft. They do endless writing exercises and that works for them. Sometimes it works

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Mind Maps

A mind map is a tool for solving problems. It can be as simple a blank piece of paper that you doodle on as you brainstorm ideas, or it can be a computer program like Microsoft’s Vision or Project. Prices

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