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Mystery Plotting Aids

If you write mysteries, you need to have a victim, a killer, and some red herring suspects. You also need witnesses. When I started writing cozy mysteries, I had a hard time until I came up with the idea of

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How many characters does a story need?

The answer is — it depends. It depends on the story itself. What are you trying to do. Are you writing a novel? Or a short story? In a short story, you can get by with a single character. Someone

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BuzzNet Tags: conflict,story,fiction,writing,contrast,fiction writing,conflict in writing,contrast in writing All stories, all history, has conflict. There’s a lot of conflict in the world today. I’m not sure the human race could survive without it. If there were no conflict, our ancestors

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What makes a good character?

That’s a very good question. The best characters are flawed. They are neither wholly good or wholly evil. They do their best with good or bad results. In short, they are like real people. They drink, swear, and lie. They

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