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Vary Your Words

Words can be powerful things. When writing, the use of the exact right word is crucial tothe process. That said, you shouldn’t be in love with a particular word either. My mothertold me of a book she read in which

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Building Fictional World Politics

A few weeks ago, I talked about world building nations. To do that, each nation you create needs a political system. There are several types. The least structured type is anarchy. In this type there are few if any rules

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Why Complete Character Charts?

Character charts are lists of questions that a fiction author must answer. It’s a good way to get to know their characters. The charts are the best way for an author to get to know the character and what makes

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Sometimes the runes are a little bit spooky. Today I drew Kaunaz. It’s a rune of knowledge and means a radical and permanent change is coming. It’s freaky because I know that change is coming. I have been drawing runes

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