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Françoise HÉBERT 1638-1716

Françoise HÉBERT was my ninth great grandmother. She was born in Quebec, Canada on 27 January 1637/38. She was the daughter of Joseph Guillaume HÉBERT and Marie Héllène DESPORTES. She was married at the age of 13 to Giullaume FOURNIER.

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Family History’s Mysteries

My mother’s mother’s side of my family is chock full of mystery. I have been able to learn only a little about that side of my family. They originated in Germany and that’s about all I know. At some time

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Genealogy Research Reports

DNA testing aside, genealogical research is the same as historical research. To do it well, you need a plan. You can’t adequately plan your research unless you know where you have been. Research reports can tell you. I have a template in

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Carl Mauritz Hendrickson Profile

My great grandfather was Carl Mauritz Hendrickson. He was born 28 July 1865 in Gravarne, Sweden and baptized two days later on 30 July 1865, the son of Henric Persson and Brita Eliasdr. He apparently had one sibling, a brother,

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Timeline for Carl Mauritz Hendrickson

Adding historical events to a timeline places your ancestor into perspective. Here is the timeline I created for my great grandfather. Family events are in bold face. On 28 July 1865, my great grandfather, Carl Mauritz Hendrickson was born in

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