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People automate too many things. It’s not always good to automate, because machines are not good at making decisions. I once read an article on job hunting that said that often companies create a program that scans resumes to narrow

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The Flow of The Plot

The future is the future is the future and based on our decisions today. Even if you could see the future, it could change with some other decision that you make.  You could even change it based on a decision

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I’m good at procrastinating. I suppose I should start out with a general definition of the term. To procrastinate is to put things off. I’m not sure if there are other meanings or now, but it doesn’t look as though

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Why Characters Are The Most Important Plot Elements

Characters are the most important plot element because they move the plot along. A plot that doesn’t move is a bad plot. A good dynamic plot is crucial to good story telling and characters, with their foibles, beliefs and attitudes

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Why Setting Is The Most Important Plot Element

Setting is the most important part of a story’s plot because, without it, your characters are nowhere. Picture actors in front of a green screen and there’s your story. There’s nothing for the characters to react to, which makes it

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