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Description is an art in itself. It takes practice to get it right. Try to visualize the scene you are describing and paint it in broad strokes. “The meadow was bright in the sunlight. The tips of the grass waved

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Diagramming Sets

Stories take place somewhere. Many writers make a map of the terrain where their stories take place. I do too. It helps if you have an idea of the location where your stories take place. I go a step further

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  Description is an important part of fiction. You have created a world in your head, now you have to get it into your readers’ heads. You do that by description. Description is more than how something looks. You have

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Outlining is a good tool for writing, whether you write fiction or nonfiction. Some people write their stories organically, letting it grow from their thoughts. I believe that they are outlining the work, they have an idea of where they

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