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What makes a good character?

That’s a very good question. The best characters are flawed. They are neither wholly good or wholly evil. They do their best with good or bad results. In short, they are like real people. They drink, swear, and lie. They

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Try Something New

A year ago last March, I moved house. After the dust settled from that move, I did something I had never done before. I took a yoga class. A month or so after that, I tried yoga in the park.

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Sometimes the runes are a little bit spooky. Today I drew Kaunaz. It’s a rune of knowledge and means a radical and permanent change is coming. It’s freaky because I know that change is coming. I have been drawing runes

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Evil Characters

The dictionary defines evil as morally wrong or bad; immoral, wicked, evil deeds, an evil life. That’s a bit redundant and circular in some places. Still, it’s a good definition of the word. Wikipedia says it is the absence or

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Daydreams as a tool

My writing process involves playing scenes in my head as daydreams. I use daydreaming to play out possible scenarios in my head to try to work out the most likely outcomes. It’s like running a simulation only the simulation is

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The Seven Stages of Writing pt. 2

The fourth stage of writing is plotting. Some writers make detailed plot outlines, others just dive in and write. The former are meticulous and the latter actually plot in their heads and go with that. The former have a firm

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Seven Stages of Writing

The seven stages of writing are generating an idea, world building, character development, plotting, writing, revising, and publishing. That assumes that you plan to publish of course. These stages are actually processes. Before you can write anything, you have to

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