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Your Character-s Morning Routine

One good way to get a handle on your characters is to figure out how they start their days. Sit down and come up with a morning routine for each of them. It can help you to bring them alive.

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Make Your Characters A Little Weak

Good character development means making your characters as believable as possible. To do that you need a mix of characteristics and traits. Make your characters beautiful and vain, homely and giving, beautiful and unassuming, ugly and evil, lovely and evil,

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Using An App to Create Characters

There are no shortcuts in writing, but there are some jump starters. For writing itself there are prompts to catapult you into a piece. There are character development apps to help get you started with characters. These apps ask you

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Your Character’s Health

Everyone has health, good or bad. Giving your character health concerns will make them more real to the reader. Unless your character is a whining hypochondriac, just mentioning their overall health now and then is sufficient. The trick is not

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